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Twilight Sleep Dentistry Norwalk, CA

Fear of dental treatment is a significant factor that demotivates people from visiting a dentist. The fear pushes patients to endure toothache, which in turn compromises their oral health. As a solution to this problem, dental care providers use sedation that helps patients relax during dental treatment. The sedative recommended/administered to patients is based on their anxiety level. At our dental office, patient comfort comes first in all our dental services. We believe that the active participation of patients in our dental procedures can keep them informed about dental care. Our twilight sleep dentistry has helped us relieve patients from anxiety, encouraging them to take care of their oral health. As a result, our patients do not hesitate to make an appointment with our dentist for their regular dental checkups. At our dental offices in Norwalk and Lakewood, patients can feel more relaxed and comfortable with our mild, moderate or deep twilight sleep sedation, while our dentist is busy treating their problem.

Mild sedation

Nitrous oxide is used as a mild sedative. The gas works well in reducing anxiety and providing a euphoric sensation. The patient can quickly recover from the sedation process. The mild sedative is inhaled and may not require any monitoring system for support.

Moderate sedation

Moderate sedation is a step above mild sedative. This process is recommended for patients who are more anxious and require a strong sedative to keep them relaxed. The dentist may recommend an oral sedative. The process requires a monitoring system, to check the respiration, heart rate, and blood pressure level continuously.

Deep sedation

Deep sedation is achieved for patients who do not want to remember anything about the dental procedure. Patients may be less sensitive to verbal commands and are completely relaxed. IV sedation is the most widely followed procedure to achieve deep sedation. The process is quickly reversible. Our trained professionals monitor patients during the course. Our dentist advises patients on steps that must be followed before and after the treatment. They should be escorted to our office and back home by a caretaker and should not handle any machinery for about 6 to 8 hours after the sedation process.

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