Periodontics Dentistry in Norwalk, CA

Do your gums bleed when you floss? Are your teeth sensitive? Are your gums receding?

These are just some of the signs of Periodontal Disease. None of these symptoms are normal and should be taken very seriously to prevent any serious damage to your teeth and surrounding gum tissue.

Daily brushing and good oral hygiene is an important element in your dental health, however, that alone is not enough. Professional cleanings by your dentist are required to reach places that even daily brushing cannot. In many cases, these hidden pockets are the starting point for long term periodontal problems.

Many people don’t even realize they have this disease until serious damage has already been caused. Fortunately, this disease can now be detected earlier than ever before with the very latest in dental technology.

Dr. Noor incorporates the latest periodontal dental equipment in her office to ensure that her patients receive the very highest quality dental care. Her innovative techniques, allows her to treat this condition in a more comfortable way using a dental laser to virtually eliminate the pain and long term problems associated with periodontal deep cleanings in the past.

Periodontics is another area of dentistry that has been revolutionized by recent advances in dentistry and Dr. Noor is at the forefront of change to provide these benefits to her patients!

If you have any questions about Periodontics or our dentistry services, please call our office at 562-451-8568 or Book your appointment online!

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