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Properly maintaining your dental health is essential not only to your mouth but essential to your entire body. In many cases, problems that exist in other parts of your body such as the throat, stomach and intestines, are a problem that is activated by dental problems. After all, the mouth is an entry point into your entire body and if you have serious problems in your mouth, it is easy to see how this can affect other bodily functions.

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During your first visit with Dr. Noor, you will receive a complete comprehensive dental checkup that will include detailed dental photographs, diagnostic x-rays and a thorough examination including the teeth, the gums and all surrounding tissues.

After the initial diagnosis, we create a personalized treatment plan of what needs to be done and a timeline detailing the phases of treatment if needed. We will discuss all concerns you may have with regard to your treatment such as the time needed to complete treatment, financial situation, insurance issues, etc. We then educate the patient on the long-term plan for their dental health. This will be unique for every patient. We make sure that every patient has their concerns and questions addressed before leaving their first examination. When new patient leaves our office they will know they are in good hands.

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