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Dr. Asmath Noor

Dr. Noor has completed her BDS degree from India in the year 1986. From Govt. Dental College, Bangalore India, Dr. Noor has completed one year of residency program in oral cancer and oncology in the year 1988 to 1989. She finished her post graduate training in oral medicine and diagnosis from Govt. Dental College Bangalore, India in the year 1991 and then later she has been awarded a Master degree in orthodontics in the year 1993 from Govt. Dental College Bangalore, India. Her exp as an Assistant professor in a Dental College from India helps her in keeping her patients and staff educated about all phases of dentistry. Dr. Noor was also a private practitioner in the evening times from year 1986 to 1994. She received her dental license in California in the year 1996. Since then she has completed her advanced education on cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry. Oral sedation, TMJ, Orthodontics and a full mouth rehabilitation and has been successfully practicing in the current location for more than 10 years. She has more than 20 yrs of experience in treating patients and meeting their dental needs.

Dr. Noor started her private practice and has finished her advanced post graduate trainings in Oncology / Oral Cancer, Implant Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Sedation.

Dr. Noor strives to excel in her profession and shares her knowledge with other dentists around the globe as an instructor at the Private Dental College.

She is also a proud member of the following groups and organizations:

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • California Dental Association
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • International Congress of Implantology
  • American Society of Osseointegration
  • American College of Oral Implantology
  • Implant Prosthodontic Section of the ICOI
  • International Association for Orthodontics
  • Indian Dental Association
  • Punjabi Dental Society
  • American Academy of Laser Dentistry

Her background in Aesthetics, Orthodontics, Periodontics and Implants gives her a very broad range of experience to provide to her patients. Dr. Noor performs all general and medical dentistry procedures from simple teeth filling to Veneers/Crowns, Natural Looking Dental Implants/Dentures, Bridges, and Teeth Straightening without braces and many other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as 1-Hour Power Teeth Whitening.

Oral sedation is one of the available methods of conscious sedation dentistry designed to reduce patient anxiety around dental procedures and Dr. Noor with her Dental Team have a very simple philosophy “Patient Comfort is our number one priority” no exceptions!  Read more about sedation dentistry here.

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