Let’s Talk About Orange Peels and Teeth

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “great smile”?  Most people will say white teeth. Today there are several ways people can whiten their teeth.  However, some people find it expensive so they try and find hacks that will give them the same results as professional teeth whitening.  One of those hacks is orange peels.  So, let’s talk about orange peels.  How do you use orange peels to whiten your teeth?  Do orange peels work?  Is it safe?

How do you use orange peels to whiten teeth?  Orange peels have vitamin c, pectin, d-limonene, gluconate, and soluble fiber found in the white part of the orange peel.  These compounds can act as a natural teeth whitener.  Let’s get to the good stuff.  What kind of oranges should you choose?  You’ll want to find an orange that isn’t grown with pesticides or chemicals.  Organic oranges are typically the best to use.  Make sure you clean the outside of the orange thoroughly before peeling.  Then run the white portion of the orange on your teeth for 3 to 4 minutes.  Make sure to brush your teeth as soon you finish.  Then rinse with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.  

Do orange peels used for teeth whitening really work?  Results may vary depending on the person diet and oral hygiene.  Using an orange peel to whiten your teeth does not provide a long-lasting effect but it can help.  A 2010 study by Harvard University on August 10, 2010, illustrated that “the compound present in citrus rinds – d-limonene – cannot reduce extrinsic teeth stains caused by drinking tea.  Furthermore, the solvent shows no results in decreasing long-standing teeth stains.” www.ui.adsabs.harvard.edu

Are orange peels safe to use for teeth whitening?  You should proceed with caution.  Oranges contain citric acid, which can erode the enamel on your teeth.  When you are rubbing orange peels on your teeth you are also rubbing citric acid on your teeth.  So, you may be exchanging one problem for another and wearing down your enamel cannot be repaired.  As a dentist, I do not recommend using orange peels as a teeth whitener.  If you are determined to use a natural product to whiten your teeth, it’s much safer to use baking soda not an orange peel.

I hope you gained some valuable information.  My overall preference would be to see you in my office for a guaranteed teeth whitening session that I can monitor and give you the best results.

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