Dental Implant: A Strong Foundation

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When natural teeth are lost or fall out, the actual damage goes below the surface of the tooth and through the gum line. The damage caused will result in loss of root, which in turn results in deterioration of the bone that once supported the roots. In medical dentistry this is known as bone resorption, and when bone resorption occurs, it makes your face to sag and collapse into the mouth. The drastic change may make you look older and unattractive.

If the loss of teeth is more in number, then the bone loss is severe and quicker. And for those who have lost all their natural teeth, bone loss can take place severely such that removable devices such as dentures might be difficult to use/wear. This is the reason why replacing the tooth root with dental implants is so vital in preserving the bone.

In case, of missing teeth, dental implants are placed in the bone to safeguard the bone from loss. Dental implants are biocompatible, hence it bonds with the bone and functions as the natural tooth root, providing a strong and permanent foundation to function your tooth properly.

Dental Implant: A new dental standard for your missing teeth

Tooth loss is both a medical and cosmetic dental problem. Missing teeth can be easily noticeable which can be embarrassing and affects the quality of life, person’s confidence, and overall health. Dental implants treatment has become a feasible replacement option to missing teeth. Acting as a substitute tooth, the natural tissue of the bone forms a bond with the implant (a titanium post), providing a solid foundation for the tooth that function, look and feel like a natural tooth. Dental Implants are now referred as a standard care for missing teeth as helps in preserving the bone and maintaining the integrity of the facial structure.

Dental implants are the best replacement for your missing teeth. The Norwalk Village Dental Center continues to provide dental implants treatment in Long Beach CA and Norwalk CA. We have an outstanding success in replacing lost missing teeth with dental implants. If you are missing one tooth, or many, our medical dental implant professional will provide you the service which can best suit your situation.

We will help you regain your smile, confidence and quality of life which you lost with the loss of a tooth.

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