Dental Bridges: A Replacement for Missing Teeth

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A dental bridge is used to bridge the gap formed by one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge is prepared with two or more crowns, placed on each tooth on either side of the gap.

Process of getting dental bridges in Norwalk and Long Beach CA

During your first visit to get a dental bridge, the abutment teeth are prepared by recontouring and removing a portion of enamel. The preparation of abutment teeth provides room to the crown that is placed over them. Next, an impression of the teeth is taken which can act as a model to be created by the dental lab. Meanwhile, your cosmetic dentist in norwalk and long beach ca will place a temporary bridge so that the exposed teeth and gums are protected while the actual bridge is created.

The length of time required for the procedure will vary depending on the case and unique needs. Generally, you will need two dental visits and each visit may last about an hour.

During your second visit to a dds, your temporary bridge is replaced with the newly created bridge. Once placed, the bridge is checked for a proper fit. At times, multiple visits may be required to see if the crown is fit and there are no issues with the bite.

Candidacy for Dental Bridges

For anyone who has lost one to three consecutive teeth, cosmetic dentistry provides the wonderful solution of a dental bridge. If a person is missing more number of teeth, then they may have to get fixed or removable partial denture. The teeth surrounding the space of missing teeth will be used as the foundation for a dental bridge. As a result, the supporting teeth must be healthy and free from decay.

Dental bridges are also used with dental implants, wherein the bridge does not rely on the support of natural teeth. The results of dental bridges may slightly vary person to person. But, in most cases, patients will notice the results of their treatment soon after the placement of their dental bridge. When cared properly, dental bridges can be extremely durable.

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