Artificial Intelligence and My Dentist

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How does technology translate to dental patients? What kind of technology could be coming to dental offices? Here are a few that I’m really excited about!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“AI isn’t as futuristic as you may think. AI and machine learning are aspects of technology that can process information and pick out patterns. That makes AI ideally placed to assess “at-risk” patients for various conditions or even identify cavities or jaw issues. Of course, a qualified dentist would always have the final say, but AI could help them reach those decisions faster.”

Let’s look at AI (artificial intelligence).  How could that impact the patients? AI can prevent things like cavities and bone issues just to start.  AI can save the patient money, time and most important it could be preventative care.

3D Printing

“3D printing has exploded far beyond the realm of the hobbyist. The 3D printing market is set to double every three years, with a range of applications in healthcare. In dentistry, having an onsite 3D printer could allow dentists to create permanent crowns onsite, rather than waiting for them to be processed in a lab. This would greatly increase patient satisfaction and reduce the time between diagnosis and completion of treatment.”

Currently, when a patient needs a crown for example.  How many appointments does the patient have to go to before he/she gets their permanent crown?

At the first appointment the dentist will prep the tooth and take impressions, the patient will also get a temporary crown.  Once the permanent crown is ready from the lab the patient will have a second appointment to get the crown permanently fitted.  Remember the temporary crown can come off so the patient may have to come in a time or two in between the first and second appointment.  With 3D printing the patient will only have 1 appointment and walk out with their permanent crown.

Augmented Reality (AR)

”Not quite the same as virtual reality, augmented reality takes an image or video of the real world and superimposes another image or video on top to “change” the reality you see on a screen. This has fascinating applications in aesthetic dentistry, such as showing a patient what their newly adjusted teeth will look like before they go through with the procedure. One such application is Janus Health AR which can help treatment adoption by showing the patients what their adjusted smile could look like.”

AR (augmented reality) can help patients see the bigger picture.  Cosmetic dentistry is blowing up right now! However, a lot of patients are fearful of what those changes might look like on their face so they don’t take the risk of something that could be life altering for them.  With AR it can either calm those fears for the patient or maybe provide alternative options that would work better for that patient’s facial features.

Things are changing so quickly in the dental world.  I thought I’d share some of the technology that might be here sooner than we think.  We are always thinking about the patients are what’s best for you all.  But until then make sure you keep making your dental cleaning appointments, hygiene is always key to a healthy and beautiful smile. I hope to see you all soon!

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